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Custom Sports Guards

Sports-related oral injuries are prevented by the use of mouth guards. Mouth guards, much like air bags, cushion the force of a blow to the jaw and dissipate the energy, greatly decreasing the incidence and severity of concussions because the lower jaw (the mandible), is not forced back into the base of the skull (the TMJ), and harmful forces are not transmitted to the brain. In addition, the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth are protected because the upper and lower jaws are not brought forcefully together, and the front teeth are cushioned. Costs related to replacing teeth lost due to trauma can run into the thousands, and can lead to a lifetime of dental problems.

Custom mouth guards are not just worn in hockey; sports such as field hockey, football, boxing, martial arts, soccer, softball, rugby, lacrosse, skateboarding are some contact and non-contact sports that could cause an injury.

Custom made mouth guards are superior in every way to the so-called “one-size-fits-all” type of sports guard that can be bought at sporting good and department stores. They are inexpensive, used right out of the box, and offer the least amount of protection. They tend to wear out quickly, have poor retention, are bulky, and make speaking and breathing difficult.

Custom made mouth guards offer protection from injury, a comfortable fit that stays in place, improvement of speech, and greater oxygen flow that will improve breathing.

JW Dental Hygiene will take an impression of your upper teeth and a custom fitted ProForm mouth guard (used by most NHL hockey players) is made on the premises.