Losing your Teeth

Losing Teeth: The Bad News

Tooth loss is a major health problem worldwide and you aren’t alone in navigating this next step in your life. Both debilitating and irreversible, tooth loss causes serious psychological and physiological side effects. It negatively affects an individual’s quality of life by drastically reducing the comfort of everyday activities such as chewing, talking, and even smiling.

In Canada, about 6% of the population suffers from tooth loss. That number goes up to 20%, or one in five, for adults aged 60-79 years.

Health Consequences of Tooth Loss

• Tooth loss causes many people to withhold talking or smiling for fear of showing their mouth. This leads to anxiety about socializing and isolation.
• Medical studies have proven that tooth loss leads to decreased self-confidence, premature aging, and negatively altered self-image.
• Tooth loss makes eating certain foods, like raw fruits and vegetables, very difficult. A lower intake of fiber leads to lower energy and digestive issues.
• Decreased daily function and physical activity have been linked to tooth loss.
• Increased rates of gastrointestinal disease and chronic inflammation of the digestive tract are caused by the limitation of chewing abilities.

Bone Loss & Facial Deformation

To further complicate matters, bone loss in the jaw is an ongoing process following the loss of teeth. It affects the lower jaw at a rate four times faster than the upper. Even if only a few teeth or absent of the bridges is worn down, tooth loss and deterioration cause the flesh around the jaw and mouth to slacken. This causes the face to appear aged.

What Dentures Can Do for You: the Good News

Dentures can resolve many of the health consequences of tooth loss while dental implants can alleviate almost all of them! Here’s how.

Health Benefits of Dentures

• A full and healthy smile improves both a person’s perception of themselves and how others perceive them. This makes socializing much more exciting and appealing.
• You feel better about yourself with a complete smile, clients report feeling more open, outgoing and eager to participate in life. This helps to reverse the psychological component of the premature aging process.
• Fully secured implant dentures make chewing and eating all foods (excluding whole nuts) easy and natural feeling.
• Being able to eat and engage more comfortably means more energy and an increased drive for physical activity.
• More effective chewing and a broader diet mean that the gastrointestinal issues caused by tooth loss are not as much of a risk.

Bone Loss Prevention & Facial Correction

Implants prevent the progression of bone and tissue loss because they act just like the roots of natural teeth. Both dentures and implants support and fill out the mouth and cheeks, tightening the skin around your jaw.
Dentures and implants can improve your physical appearance in this manner. With a proper set of dentures or dental implant bridges, the mouth is filled out and the tissues around it strengthen, appearing more youthful.
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