Implant-Supported Overdentures

Regain Self-Confidence with Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant overdentures are the closest feeling to having natural teeth back. They help with maintaining your bone height and with the fit of the denture. They give you 50 - 100% of your natural bite back, while regular dentures give you 20%. GP Denture Clinic and Implant Centre offers 3 types of implant overdentures:

Permanent Fixed Teeth

These teeth are a bridge of teeth with a titanium bar that is attached to 4 – 6 implants. The denture is screwed down and can be removed only by your dentist or denturist.

Locator-Supported Denture

This is a denture that clips onto 2 or 4 locators and is usually for the lower denture.

Bar-Supported Denture

This is a denture that is attached to a bar that is screwed onto the implants. It has a denture that clips down onto the bar or has locators on the bar. This denture is removable by the patient.