481 North Service Road West, Unit A-19,
L6M 2V6 Oakville, Ontario


High Quality Dental Hygiene Services for your Family.

We offer a wide range of dental and periodontal services:
  • Dental and Periodontal Examination
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Peadiatric Treatments
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Sports Guards

Dental Hygiene for Kids in Oakville

Children should begin seeing a Dentist or Dental Hygienist at the age of three. We will assess tooth eruption, adequate spacing, jaw alignment, possible oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust, mouth breathing, clenching or grinding of teeth) and baby bottle caries. All findings will be recorded and discussed with the parent/s. Referrals will be given accordingly.

Enjoy your new dazzling smile!

We have created a warm, safe and relaxing environment to care for our clients.

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JW Dental Hygiene

Serving Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington

Since September 2007, Ontario residents have had the choice of receiving professional dental hygiene treatment by Registered Dental Hygienists without having to see the dentist. Dental Hygiene is a regulated profession governed by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, and for decades dental hygienists have been the primary providers of preventive oral care.

About Us

Caring and professional environment with Registered Dental Hygienists and Denturist

At JW Dental Hygiene we enjoy taking care of people and providing the best dental hygiene and denture services in a relaxed and caring environment. Our goal is to educate and provide information so that our clients can improve their oral health and contribute to the well-being of their general health.


Preventing Tooth Loss

Visit Your Dental Hygienist Regularly

Tooth loss negatively affects an individual’s quality of life by drastically reducing the comfort of everyday activities such as chewing, talking, and even smiling. The best way to prevent it is to practice good dental habits, which include brushing and flossing regularly. Also, see a dental professional at least once every six months and do not wait until experiencing tooth pain or other dental problems.

Health Consequences

Teeth loss is a major health problem

  • Tooth loss causes many people to withhold talking or smiling for fear of showing their mouth.
  • Medical studies have proven that tooth loss leads to decreased self-confidence, premature aging, and negatively altered self-image.
  • Tooth loss makes eating favorite raw foods very difficult.
  • Both decreased daily physical activity and increased rates of the digestive tract problems have been linked to tooth loss.

Providing comprehensive dental hygiene services